Travel Soccer

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We are a community based club but don’t let that fool you… our teams are coached by the best coaches in the area! We also supply extra skills clinics for field players and goalie training every week.

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Recreational Soccer

Our Rec program strives to teach children to love the sport of soccer. At younger ages, we focus on having fun while also learning how to play as a team and move the ball around the field. As the kids get older, we focus a bit more on individual skills while still maintaining a fun atmosphere.

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Tournament Series

The Hershey Tournament Series was created to be a competitive series for Premier and Travel teams. Teams travel from all over North America to play on our high quality fields, which creates a large base for all levels of soccer. And the fun doesn’t end when the whistle blows, there’s more fun to be had right down the road at Hershey Park! Come play in the Sweetest soccer tournaments in the Sweetest Place on Earth!

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We are proud to have a men’s and a women’s FC Hershey team in the Keystone Conference of the NPSL and WPSL! We’re one of the only clubs in the area that can say they have a semi-pro team. Each year we recruit college athletes from across the country to compete on our fields as part of Hershey Soccer Club. As a Hershey Soccer Travel athlete, you have a chance to practice with, and maybe even play with, this team – preparing yourself for college level play.

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