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Opening day win for FC Hershey NPSL

Hershey FC started the season off with a home game against Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals at Middletown Area High School Stadium.

Hershey was able to overcome a lot and take the first victory for new coach Rich Bryan. What made it even more special was Hershey had a community night for their rec program. They had about 50 athletes from their community program out to watch, which made for a very energetic crowd.

The Ukrainians started off strong with four shots hitting the framework in the first 28 minutes. Hershey then started to settle in, and the game became a little bit of a chess match. Hershey FC and Ukrainians were still tied at 0-0 going into halftime.

Starting XI

00 Luke Snyder, 21 John Axtman, 8 Nolan Ciesielka, 13 Owen Clark, 22 Evan Lamarca, 7 Addison Keja, 11 Luke johnson, 2 Seth Clark, 15 Richard Valverde-Gomez, 14 Daniel Fombu, 9 Loc San Subs: 99 Eric Axtman, 6 Ben Ilkhanoff, 11 Brady Olsen, 14 Daniel Fombu, 3 Ethan Flickner

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