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Dollar Bills


2023/24 Seasons


  • Hershey Soccer Club is proud to be able to offer a club fee that is inclusive of all club and team activities. We call this TruPrice. Our TruPrice promise is to minimize any additional costs that may incur through you playing for Hershey Soccer and include all standardized club experiences within our club fee.

    • Uniform is not included within club fees as orders are done individually by the player.

    • Additional programming is not included within the club fees.

  • Deposit is required to secure roster spot for upcoming season. Following deposit remaining fee will be paid across 3 installments.

  • Failure to remain up to date with your registration fee may lead to further charges and possible removal from your Hershey Soccer team roster.

  • All fees are non refundable.

Financial Assistance


Hershey Soccer Club provides a need-based financial aid program to help cover club dues and coaching fees. Each year the club budgets a set amount to support the financial aid program, but this does not guarantee that all applicants will receive support. 

Financial assistance applications can be made through your playmetrics dashboard. Select club programs and then financial aid.

Each case is reviewed separately.

Hershey Soccer Pricing
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