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Welcome to Futsal.. Welcome to Tekniq

Hershey Soccer Club is proud to introduce Tekniq Futsal Academy as part of our club programming.

Tekniq Futsal Academy is a program designed to teach players key skills within Futsal by dedicated and experienced Futsal staff that will not only teach players to perform on the court, but to take their soccer development to the next level.

Futsal has long been at the heart of the soccer player. For nearly a century, some of the world’s greatest players Lionel Messi, Neyma, Cristiano Ronaldo and of course Pele have developed their skills on a Futsal court.

“I’m very excited and proud to be able to unveil a dedicated Futsal program with Hershey soccer that will bring a sport that I have been involved with for over 16 years and has brough me so much pleasure and excitement. Futsal is a huge contributing factor to the development of the modern day soccer player. Speed of play, quicker decision making and ability to play under pressure leads to a greater overall soccer IQ. My hope is for Futsal to define Hershey Soccer and the Central PA landscape for many years to come”. R.Bryan, Director of Futsal

Hershey Soccer can also announce that Futsal will be the core winter training component for all our Juniors teams. Ages 2015-2013 boys and girls will immerse themselves within Futsal during their team and group training sessions commencing January.

Registration for 2012-2006 boys and girls Hershey Soccer players opens Monday October 24th and open to all registration will commence November 1st.

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