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Congrats Hershey High School Boys Soccer - 3A PIAA3 Divisional Champs


Congratulations on the 3A PIAA3 divisional championship.

Special shoutout to our Hershey Soccer Club players;

Bo Shirk, Cooper Bouslough, Cole Goodman, Aidan Miller, Adrian Dahl, Ronan Edris, Kelan Roland, Owen Hulays, Cole Bouslough, Brayden McCormick, Joseph Parks, Jack Zakovitch, Mayson Bontempo-Tyree, Grant Liszka, Chase Moyer, Tahla yilmaz, Shaunak Dalal, Jake Weiser-Timmins, Aneece Joesph-Hanna, Sawyer Hausknecht

"Hershey Soccer club is proud to not only see so many of our current players be integral to the success of Hershey High School in recent years, but to see so many players that have progressed through all our programs is an awesome achievement. We are further excited to see the future of Hershey High School in good hands with a good number of current Hershey Soccer Club players filling the JV ranks. From all your coaches, team mates and club mates, congrats!"

Andy Briggs

Hershey High School Assistant Coach

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