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Parque Shank

750 Bullfrog Valley Road Hershey Pensilvania Estados Unidos 17033

Parque de los Fundadores

550 Homestead Road Hummelstown Pennsylvania Estados Unidos 17036

Escuela secundaria Hershey

500 Homestead Road Hershey Pennsylvania Estados Unidos 17033

Escuela Milton Hershey

1035 Homestead Lane Hershey Pennsylvania Estados Unidos 17033

parque palmdale

Washington Ave Hershey Pensilvania Estados Unidos 17033

En la red

798 Airport Road Palmyra Pensilvania Estados Unidos 17078

Parque de Güeldres

2250 Gelder Park Drive Hummelstown Pennsylvania Estados Unidos 17036

Inclement Weather Guidelines

Lightning is one of the top ten causes of sudden death in sport. As the majority of soccer is played outdoors, lightning and severe weather pose a threat to player health and safety. U.S. Soccer’s Recognize to Recover program, with the help of the Korey Stringer Institute, provides these guidelines for responding quickly and safely when lightning and severe weather threaten practice or a game. When it comes to making decisions to suspend or cancel play due to weather conditions, coaches, officials, athletic trainers, and administrators all share responsibility. These same individuals should be aware of close safe shelter locations and know how to evaluate when it is safe to resume play after severe weather leaves an area.

  • Hershey Soccer follows all US Soccer, state and local guidelines relating to inclement weather.

  • Where possible field updates will be made by 4pm each week night and 8am on game days.

  • Practice may be effected by all extreme weather situations. Heat, Cold or storms. 

  • In the event of inclement weather while at the fields, all practices/games will cease for 30 minutes and fields must be cleared of all players and personnel. Training/Gamesd may resume after last thunder/lightning strike.

  • Players should either return to their parent/guardians car or seek shelter during storms.

  • Notifications will be delivered via your teams playmetrics app.

  • Hershey Soccer Clubs decision to close fields and cancel practice is done with the safety of all involved. No team or player should continue to practice in a Hershey Soccer Club capacity once fields are closed.

The danger from lightning can persist for 20-30 minutes or more after a thunderstorm has passed. Lightning can strike from over 10 miles away and is considered a major threat to the safety of our participants. If lightning has been detected within 10 miles, visible, or any thunder has been heard, all game(s) and practice(s) will be suspended and all participants will need to seek shelter immediately. Game(s) or practice(s) will not restart for at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike has been detected or thunder has been heard. If lightning & thunder continue for longer periods of time, all game(s) and practice(s) will be canceled. The coach will notify the team/manager when it is safe to return to the fields, or activity has been canceled.

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