The registration system that we use is the same for Travel and Rec Soccer. This is based on date of birth as required by US Soccer. However for Rec Soccer we can be flexible in moving kids up or down age groups once they are registered.

Yes. We have the flexibility to move the kids up or down age groups, to better suit their ability. For example a kid that has been playing soccer for a couple of seasons and wants more of a challenge could move up an age group to play.

Shin guards are required. Cleats (soccer boots) are recommended as they give better grip in the grass. Trainers / sneakers can be worn if you do not have cleats. All kids will be provided a game shirt and socks. For practicesthey can wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

Practices are on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. For U5 to U8 from 5.30 to 6.30pm, for U10 to U12 5.30 to 7.00pm

Yes. Each week the skills taught will be the same for any practice night. So if you miss say a Monday and go on Tuesday you will go through the same skills exercises for that week.

Games are on Saturday mornings. For the U5 to U8 we start at either 10am or 11am, for the U10 and U12 it is either 10am or 11.15am.

For the U10 and U12 games we have referees. These are usually teenagers that are learning to become a travel referee. They have taken referee exams and are gaining practical experience refereeing the Rec games.

Yes.We are always looking for volunteers. Each team ideally needs a Parent coach, to help the team at practices and during the games on Saturdays. We also look for volunteers to help with uniform distribution. We have a Coaching Guide for those that are interested in helping and want to know more about what is involved.

No. We teach the kids the basic rules and technics as we go through the season. We focus on one main item a week. We can provide parents who want to know the basics a cheat sheet. Parents that want to help, do not need to know the rules of soccer. For games we would like help in organizing the kids, timing games and swapping kids in and out of the game so that they all get roughly equal playing time and rest.

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